Mom and child killed, hit by car while crossing 12 Mile in Farmington Hills

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A mother and her 4-year-old daughter are dead after a car accident late Sunday night. 

Happening at a pedestrian crossing at 12 Mile in Farmington Hills around 10 p.m., the two were killed when a car struck and killed them.

"They were coming from the north side of 12 Mile, just west of Orchard Lake - west of Parkhill (Street), which is the side street that runs north off of 12 Mile and as they were crossing they were hit by a vehicle," said Assistant Chief Daniel Rodriguez of the Farmington Hills Police Department. 

The little girl and her 40-year-old mom were also with a teenage relative who was unharmed during the crash. 

"There was one vehicle involved, a second vehicle right behind it went around it and may have struck some of the debris and crossed through the crash scene itself," said Rodriguez 

While an investigation is ongoing, police did release information that the driver wasn't driving erratically or impaired.

"The initial driver was very cooperative obviously distraught when they found out what had happened," Rodriguez said. "We can confirm that alcohol was not a factor and speed was not a factor either."

As for the place where the two were killed, Farmington police said there was no light or crosswalk in the vicinity. In response to the incident, they passed along a warning about being careful when crossing the road.

"We also warn pedestrians and drivers of vehicles to be cautious when crossing the street and especially at night time," said Rodriguez

Sources tell Fox 2 the family is from Pakistan and that their son works at a nearby restaurant. Prosecutors are still trying to determine if there will be any charges. 

"Right now, we're just working with the family.  It's a very tragic situation," Rodriguez said. "Obviously our hearts go out to the families as we try to piece together what happened."