Mom of murdered Jessica White tells convicted killer: Rot in hell

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"Rot in hell you monster."

Facing who she calls "the monster" who took away her baby, the mother of 21-year-old Jessica White looks at her daughter's convicted killer in horror.

"Being in the same room and breathing the same air as you makes me sick."

Karen White called him a monster of the worst kind. During 23-year-old Jordan McClanahan's sentencing Wednesday, she described the emotional and physical pain she feels every day without her daughter.

“Every day hurts, and there are days I have to remind myself just to be able to breathe."

Jordan McClanahan was found guilty of first- degree murder and mutilation of a dead body last month. He admitted last April to strangling his long-time friend Jessica White with a belt, then having sex with her and stuffing her dead body into an attic.

“He's the monster that strangled the air and life out of Jessica looking into her face as she was dying.  I hope that image haunts you forever."

Jessica White's family recalls the excruciating pain they felt while searching for her, then learning she was gone forever. Jordan McClanahan used this day to apologize.

"I’m sorry that I took her from you. Nothing I can say or do will make it any better. I’m trying not to stand here and make excuses for what I’ve done,” said McClanahan. “I know I could never put myself in your shoes."

While McClanahan showed very little emotion during that apology, his attorney Ray Correll insists his client has been remorseful since it happened.

"Yeah he's expressed remorse to me.  He wrote out his statement and confession to police and expressed that to them as well."

That remorse was not apparent to many in that court room. Jessica's mother left before McClanahan spoke. She couldn’t even stand to listen to his apology.

“I didn't want to hear any (expletive) from him that he was sorry. He wasn't sorry. I saw how sorry he was."

McClanahan - knowing his fate of automatic life in prison without parole - went back to his prison cell- leaving Jessica White’s family living in a nightmare.