Mom of Redford native killed in Dallas: 'He was living a dream of being a police officer'

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A Michigan native who moved to Dallas to continue his passion.

That's how the family of Michael Krol describes one of the police officers killed by a sniper in Texas. Now the family says they are numb after news of his death as they find themselves in the process of planning a funeral.

One of five officers killed in the line of duty, Michael Krol is being remembered as a selfless man who loved the badge and his family.  From 2003-2007 Krol was in law enforcement as a Wayne County Sheriff's Deputy.

Krol's mother Susan Elkhe released these words regarding the death of her son.

"He was living a dream of being a police officer," she wrote. "Just turned 40 in April. He knew the danger of the job but he never shied away from his duty as a police officer. He was a great caring person and wanted to help people. A wonderful son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend."

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napolean also issued a statement.

"We are saddened by the loss of the dedicated officers in Dallas-one of whom was a former member of this agency-and also the wounding of the other officers," said Sheriff Napoleon.  "Those officers made the ultimate sacrifice and died honoring their oaths to protect and serve.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families and also the Dallas Police Department." 

FOX 2 spoke with a man who kept in touch with Krol after he left Wayne County to become a police officer in Dallas

"I knew him, he was a good guy," the friend said. "He always stood out. When we were visiting Michigan we would always get together."

Because he doesn't know who may be responsible for the attack, he asked FOX 2 to not identify him.

"Heightened tensions to put it simply," he said.

This same person also has a relative currently on the Dallas police force. In fact this relative is how he first met Krol.

"They knew each other from the police academy.  They didn't know each other before, but became acquainted in the academy."

The relative he refers to, was on duty but not assigned to cover the protest where the shooting occurred. And like so many others in the Dallas area are having difficulty coming to terms with what happened.