Monday's vote could relieve Detroit from active state financial oversight

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The Detroit Financial Review Commission will vote to release Detroit from active state financial oversight. 

The State Financial Review Commission, which was created in late 2014 to oversee Detroit's finances as it emerged from bankruptcy, will vote to end active oversight after the city delivered three consecutive audited balanced budgets.

"I think the city has met the criteria for it, so I would support a vote for the city, I think the city and its leaders are committed to maintaining and continuing that record of responsibility," Retired Chief Jude Steven Rhodes said. 

The commission looks over the school’s community district they are passing over budgets, looking at financial legal requirements and establishing programs to keep the financial trains running on time.

If state oversight is lifted Monday what would that mean for Detroit?

"I think overtime the city's credit rating has improved, and if anything it improves it any more but really it shouldn't show anything more significant than a day to day basis you won't notice an immediate change, because they've been doing a good job," bankruptcy attorney Doug Bernstein said.

Detroit has delivered three balanced budgets in a row, Detroit’s City Council district 5 Mary Sheffield is proud of the city but believes there’s still work to be done.

"I think its exciting news for the city of Detroit, it shows as a city, as a council that we have been physically responsible, but we still have a lot of obligations moving forward as it relates to the budget pension obligations that we have to be mindful of."