Monroe County judge charged with hiring, transporting women for violent sex acts

A Monroe County district court judge has been charged for allegedly hiring and transporting women for sex, according to the state attorney general's office and could face 20 years in prison.

Officials says Monroe County 1st District Judge Jarod Calkins has been charged with four counts of hiring women for the purpose of prostitution, which carries a 93-day jail sentence, and one count of transporting a person for the purpose of prostitution, which can lead to up to 20 years in prison.

Michigan State Police investigated after receiving reports of prostitution at a Monroe Township hotel, the attorney general's office says. That's when MSP First District Special Investigation Section discovered someone matching Calkins' description was arranging for women to meet him to trade sex for money.

According to the felony complaint filed this week, Judge Calkins set up accounts on Tinder, OKCupid, and Facebook under the name 'Michael Calkins' before meeting with four victims. The complaint says he discussed a 'sugar daddy relationship with them all and also said he wanted to engage in BDSM with them.

The first woman said she met him on the dating site OKCupid. During his encounters with that victim, he immobilized her, beat with her various objects including a cane or stick, choked or strangled her, and used an electrical device on her body until she cried, the complaint alleges. He had sex with the woman and paid her cash, according to the complaint. 

The second victim said she met Calkins on Tinder and that he promised gifts and to reimburse her for an Uber ride from Royal Oak to Carleton, the complaint states. Calkins picked the victim up from the Carleton drop off and drove her to his home and then had "violent sex" with her, the complaint says. He then paid her $150 Uber bill and $50 for sex, according to the complaint. The second victim states that she was restrained and choked in the basement of his home during this encounter.

She said she had a second encounter and said that he restrained her wrists and ankle and blindfolded her. He then tied her arms to her ankles and sexually penetrated her. She said that when she told him one of the two 'safe words' he hit and choked her harder than before.

The woman said Calkins treated her like a 'slave'.

The third woman met Calkins on Tinder and agreed to meet for oral sex for $100 at a hotel in Monroe Township. The woman said she was confronted by management concerning prostitution. She said she met Calkins in the hotel room, they left, and he instructed her not to talk to anyone and not to incriminate herself.

The fourth victim said she met Calkins on Tinder and said he would pay her for $100 for an hour of sex. He suggested they meet at the same hotel in Monroe and when the two met for sex, she said she did not want to be paid. He insisted and put $100 in her purse, the complaint says. In the trashcan of the hotel room was a used condom with Calkins' DNA and the victims

"Public officials must be held to a higher standard, and I will continue to work with law enforcement to ensure that we hold accountable anyone who violates the public trust," said Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette in a statement. "I applaud the work done by the Michigan State Police and my Public Integrity Unit who put a stop to activities that violate the public trust."

Calvins was arraigned Friday before Judge Bronson in the 1st District Court. The 41-year-old Carleton resident's bond was set at $25,000 personal recognizance.

His next court date has not yet been scheduled.