Monroe County truck driver organizes humanitarian aid drive for Ukraine

Jeremy McGarry is often on the road. But recently, he had a realization that he needed to stop moving cargo and start collecting goods for Ukraine. 

At least 6.5 million people in Ukraine are displaced, along with over 3 million refugees who have fled the country. So McGarry knew the time was here to act. 

"I’ve always been pretty involved in community efforts," McGarry said. "I coordinated pretty much everything for this event."

The event is called Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine and Jeremy organized it after contacting the Ukrainian American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan to let them know he wanted to help.

Donations will be accepted on campus at Monroe County Community College on Saturday, March 19. Items collected will be donated to the Ukrainian American Crisis Response Committee for distribution in Ukraine and Poland.

"I just want to say thank you to Jeremy and anyone like him that feels the need or desire to organize," said Anya Nona with Ukrainian American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan

As for what to donate, well, anything.

"Medical supplies, clothing (any size), toys, diapers, formula," McGarry said.

"I hope you can show some kindness and some empathy to people you have no idea who they are but they are struggling," Nona said.

There’s also a need for people to donate money to help cover the cost of shipping the items. Nona says many of her family members are in still in Ukraine and the people there need your support.

"They are determined that’s one thing for sure they are determined and motivated to keep each other safe," Nona said.

McGarry and Non are motivated to do what they can to help Ukrainians survive.

"I hope other people can feel part of a larger community effort for the greater good," Nona said.