Monroe student arrested for bringing inert grenade to school

A Monroe middle school student who brought an inert grenade to school was taken into custody Wednesday.

The 14-year-old had been showing it to classmates and allegedly made threats to blow up the school. One of the students told the school resource officer to report it, and police were notified.

Police say the grenade was inoperable and at no time was the student or classmates in any jeopardy. A hole had been drilled into the bottom and non-functional. 

"I am terrified at this point, my son is getting ready to finish the eighth grade and go to Monroe High School which is much bigger than Monroe Middle School," said parent Melissa Johnson.

"I feel safe at my school but I don't feel safe about my brother," said student Kiauna Bussell, whose brother attends the middle school. "There was a grenade at school and you don't know if it was going to blow up or it wasn't."

The student was allegedly showing it off in the bathroom and another student spoke up. The school resource officer looked in the locker and found the grenade.  Police say the teen claims it was a joke, but it wasn't funny.

"It’s possible to commit an armed robbery with a perceived weapon that is incapable of firing," said Lt. John Wall, Monroe police. "To bring a weapon of any type into a school setting is a felony charge."

The boy also made threats, police said.

"Like 'Wouldn't it be funny to blow up the school,'" Wall said. "And 'What would people think if this thing went off right now.'"

That teen is now being held in Monroe County Youth Center and is expected to be in court Thursday. Authorities say that is the moral of the story, that it can lead to serious charges.