Monroe teen hit in face with bike chain in alleged racially-motivated attack gets teeth replaced for free

An 18-year-old who spent the past few days in severe pain both physically and mentally is feeling better after three teeth he lost when he was hit in the face, have been replaced for free.

Devin Freelon Jr., of Monroe, was at Sterling State Park on Saturday and listening to music when a man, later identified as Lee James Mouat, Jr., complained and allegedly yelled racial slurs. Police said he eventually went to his car, got a bike chain, and hit the teen in the face.

Freelon had a cut on his lip and three of his teeth were knocked out. 

Mouat has been charged with three felonies: intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, felonious assault, and ethnic intimidation.

"It's rough because your kids are your life. I felt like someone tried to take my life away," Devin Freelon, Sr. said.

Dr. Nawras Najor of Amazing Dental in Wyandotte was contacted by a patient after seeing the story on FOX 2. Dr. Najor said he had to do something.

"It was a little shocking because three teeth out of the mouth from trauma. That's a lot, that's a huge force on the face," he said. "As a dentist, I see trauma - it's horrible - but as a father, that's what makes me really upset."

Najor and his team surprised the teen with roughly $15,000 dollars of free dental work and put the temporary fix in on Thursday so he can celebrate his graduation Thursday night with a smile.

Eventually, Freelon will get permanent implants put in.

Devin Sr. said these two are basically family at this point. Meanwhile, Devin Jr. couldn't believe how real they look.

"I just feel happy now. Oh my God, I can't stop smiling." 

Dr. Najor also gave Devin Jr. an iPhone after something happened to his.