More details surface about alleged Detroit police towing scheme

FOX 2 is learning more about the six Detroit police officers suspended for allegedly taking bribes on the job.

Towing - it's big business in Detroit - and a source of so much controversy over the years. Now  there are new allegations of an insurance fraud scheme so serious - six Detroit police officers have been suspended with pay.

More suspensions along with indictments - could be coming.

"We want to be fair to all concerned parties especially the police officers and their families," said Willie Bell, chairman, Detroit Board of Police Commissioners. "Allegations are made all the time, but this is something serious that we're concerned about."

Willie Bell  is responsible for the contracts of 23 towing companies used by police, used in a rotation to pick up stolen and abandoned cars. 

But sources confirm to FOX 2 that instead of calling the abandoned vehicles into dispatch to be towed, it's alleged the officers involved would call a specific tow company instead - and the officers would then get $50 to $100 dollars for it.

"Towing is big business we understand that but it there's some type of corruption - some type of involvement, we want it to be out there in the public and to get to the bottom of it," Bell said. "Because it's not fair."

But it's even bigger than that say sources - it's alleged the tow company farmed those cars out to two specific collision shops where the cars were stripped and put back together in an elaborate scheme to defraud insurance companies.

"That's a serious concern because we all suffer in terms of insurance rates," said Bell.

He says the commissioners are still waiting to be briefed on details - as the FBI and Detroit police continue their investigations.

They're innocent until proven guilty," Bell said. "Let the facts speak for themselves - we have to have confidence and be patient."

The Board of Police Commissioners meet Thursday at police headquarters to learn more. It is open to the public.