More parents say Wayne elementary teacher touched students

More accusations of inappropriate conduct have been leveled against an elementary teacher in the Wayne-Westland school district and school officials say the 47-year-old teacher is now on leave - on his own accord.

Last week, FOX 2 reported on several students who said the unnamed teacher exposed himself and touched them on multiple occasions. After learning about the story, the mother of a 9-year boy says her student hasn't been himself. The mom says she thinks she knows what happened.

"He comes out and he cries to me. He says 'mom, I don't want to go to school today'. For the last two months he's done that," said the mom.

She told FOX 2's Erika Erickson that two weeks ago, the male art teacher approached her son about his racetrack drawing.

"He said the teacher said it looked like a penis or boobs and he was continuously going on and on and on," the mom said he then asked her son what he thought it looked like. He didn't answer but one of his friends did.

That interaction has the father horrified.

"For a teacher to ask that to a child and then insist on it, that's just horrifying to even think," said the father.

The claims are the latest for the still-unnamed teacher. Last week, two parents told FOX 2 their two boys told them he exposed himself in the bathroom and fondled them after a field trip. Those allegations were confirmed by Wayne Police.

The school's superintendent said the letter was sent to parents on Friday. The father said he only found out about the allegations after seeing it on the news.

"I had to watch the video to find out what happened at my son's school," the father said. "I figured that the school's protocol would be to contact us first. I shouldn't find out about something like this on the news.

The mom said she doesn't believe the letter was sent to parents. She told FOX 2 other parents said they did not receive the letter.

The letter, which FOX 2 obtained a copy of, the school state's that an internal investigation shows no evidence that supports the claims and the teacher elected to go on leave. 

While Wayne police continue to investigate, family members say they know something is wrong just by looking at their own son.

"This doesn't just start today. This didn't just start this week. There's just no way," the father said.

The name of the teacher in question has not been released as there have not been any charges filed against him. Parents we spoke with said they should have been notified immediately and the teacher should have been placed on leave once the claims were made. 

FOX 2 has tried to contact the teacher but we have not received any response at this time.