Mother and boyfriend charged for murder of her children's father

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A father gunned down in front of his family allegedly during an argument with the mother of his kids.

Now prosecutors say that mother handed her new boyfriend -- the murder weapon.

The suspects Montez Maxwell Victoria Solomon were arraigned in a Detroit court Friday.

Both charged with first degree premeditated murder and one count of felony firearm after police say Tyrone Delaney was gunned down earlier this week

Solomon was arrested at the scene but police say her friend, Maxwell, fled but later turned himself into police

Investigators say in the moments leading up to the shooting, Delaney and Solomon were having an argument over their children

"I completely saw my brother get gunned down in front of me," said his brother Tamika Black. "My mother and I were right behind him. We could have been shot."

Things escalated and its alleged that Solomon reached into her purse and gave Maxwell a handgun.

That's when police say Maxwell went up to Delaney and allegedly shot him multiple times.

Tyrone Delaney's uncle described what he saw when those fatal gunshots were fired.

"He came out of the bushes and shot him in the face, right in front of his sister," said Luay Hanna.

After their arraignments, Solomon and Maxwell were sent back to the Wayne County jail. Their next court date has been scheduled for July 1.

Family members say Delaney was a proud father who loved his kids and his memory will live on through them.

"At the end of the day my brother was a good daddy and he loved his kids," Black said. "She knew that."