Mother, child found dead in apparent murder-suicide in Brighton

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A woman and her young daughter were found dead inside an apartment in an apparent murder suicide.

Brighton police discovered them during a welfare check at about noon Monday in the 700 block of 2nd Avenue.

Police have not yet given the identities of the two, but say the girl was 5 years old. 

No signs of trauma were found on the daughter, police said, but the mother was discovered with a gunshot wound inside the apartment. Autopsy results are pending for the girl. 

The girl's father called police after a custody exchange was missed over the weekend with the mother, who is his ex-girlfriend. 

"We are thinking it might have been five days, but we're not sure yet," Bradford said. 

"It is horrible, everyone involved (working the case) has children, it is the worst of the worst."

Police said that there had been no previous incidents in prior custody exchanges and that there were no reported domestic runs made to the residence before.