Mother driving with 3 children shot in road rage incident in Detroit

A mother is recovering in the hospital after being shot in an apparent road rage incident while her children were in the car with her.

"Not only was it sad that you fired a shot to begin with, but you risked the lives of three children when you did that," said Detroit Deputy Chief Arnold Williams. "And it was for nothing more than you were mad"

The incident took place on I-94 and Moross Road in Detroit, Wednesday morning.

"We had 2 female drivers – one was coming off the freeway, another one was at the stop sign at the freeway, but she decided she didn’t want to stop," Williams said.

The driver who disobeyed the stop sign pulled up to the other vehicle – words were exchanged, and the driver fired shots at the mother, according to police.

"The sad part about this is that she fired a shot into a vehicle that was occupied with three children under the age of 10," Williams said.

The children were not harmed, police said. The mother, who suffered non-life threatening injuries, is in stable condition.

However, DPD is still looking for the shooter; police described her as a Black woman driving a black Kia. 

"For this individual who took that shot, we’re looking for her, and we’re going to find her," Williams said.

As the weather becomes warmer, police said drivers may be more aggressive on the road; it is recommended to remain calm and alert the authorities of any harassment.

"If you see someone’s antagonizing you on the roads, the first thing I would do is get out of their way," Williams said. "If you find that you can’t get out of their way, the next thing I would do is call the police or go to the nearest police station."

Police are asking anyone with tips and information on the shooting to call Detriot Rewards or 1-800-SPEAK UP.


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