Mother gets wrong cremains due to hospital mistake

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It was an exciting time for 25-year-old Delynn Hall who had just revealed that her first baby would be named Skyler.

But days later, the Lathrup Village woman's water broke, four months early.

"I was scared, I was really scared. I didn't know what was going to happen, I didn't know what to expect," said Hall. 

She was rushed to Hutzel Hospital in Detroit and shortly thereafter, her and the baby's health took a turn for the worse. The baby would not survive. 

Through the tears, Delynn decided to have the baby cremated. 

She claims the Gates of Heaven funeral home had her sign a series of forms and that Hutzel hospital released her baby to the Detroit funeral home.

A few days later Hall received cremated remains from Meadowcrest cemetery in Hamtramck.

However, Hall would eventually learn that the remains were not those of her baby. "I broke down because I thought I found closure but they opened a wound back up and I was back to square one."

Hall claimed Hutzel hospital screwed up releasing the wrong cremains to the funeral home. She says she received a call a month later from a hospital social worker who asked what she wanted to do with her baby.

However, she thought she had already received her baby's cremains and was shocked at the phone call.  

The worker told her they discovered there were two babies with the same last name and her baby was mistakenly sent to another funeral home.

The whole time I thought I was walking around with my daughter, I'm walking around with somebody else's child, said Hall. 

Robert Johnson the director of the Gates of Heaven funeral home confirms Hutzel's mistake, but says he has worked it out with both families and is returning the correct remains to the proper families.

Delynn is still devastated as she is still dealing with a heartbreaking loss and morbid mess up.

"I'm upset. Something needs to happen because how do you give away someone else's child?"