Mother of boys mauled in pit bull attack needs help

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Two young brothers viciously attacked by some pit bulls were saved by the heroic actions of a Good Samaritan.

Little Jayden and Kaeden are on the road to recovery tonight but their family could still use a lot of help. Warning, some of these images may be disturbing.

It has been nearly a week since two brothers ages 10 and 12 were mauled on their way to school. Now one boy is out of the hospital but the youngest is awaiting a surgery on Friday and it is uncertain when he'll be released.

The injuries from entering a fenced in area with two pit bulls are graphic, horrific and heartbreaking - especially to the youngest brother, 10-year-old Kaeden Matthews.

"His ear was reattached," said Ongelee Matthews, his mother. "He was bit in the legs, his legs, his arms. His arms received the most damage."

And his damage is expected to linger. 

"The muscle that was torn is part what controls movement in your fingers," said Ongelee.

It means likely months of physical therapy and mom says there is no guarantee of a full recovery - not to mention the emotional toll.

This is why the family set up a fundraising campaign at

"Kaeden is having nightmares and is not able to sleep," his mother said. "It will be a long road for both of them."

His 12-year-old brother, Jayden is out of the hospital but still recovering physically.

"The dogs (were) attacking his legs while he is trying to get his brother over the fence."

And mentally.

"Jayden feels it's his fault that his brother is as hurt as he is," she said.

This all started as an innocent trip by the two brothers to grab a snack before school. Loose dogs gave chase and the boys jump a fence to get away, only to be attacked by the dogs on the other side.

Good Samaritans and police came to the rescue.

"I hate that they had to kill the dogs but they needed to rescue my sons," Ongelee said.

Their mom only realized what was happening as she stopped by the school to deliver forgotten homework.

"They are across the street getting attacked by the dogs and I'm at the school trying to figure out why they are not in class," she said.

This single mom is spending all the time she can at the hospital as the recovery bills start to mount.

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