Mother of children found in freezer escorted after court outburst (UPDATED)

The Detroit mother charged with murdering two of her four children and keeping their bodies in a freezer was removed from court Wednesday morning after an outburst during a custody hearing. 

Mitchelle Blair, 35, began shouting when a lawyer asked that the father of Blair's 17-year-old daughter be granted unsupervised visits. 

"Unsupervised? He's never given a (obscenity) about my daughter," Blair called out. "Never. Never. I don't understand - there's a whole crew here now."

She continued, despite cues from her legal team to be quiet, and accused Alex Dorsey of being a "drunk" and of putting on a "show" for the news. Dorsey is also the father of Stephen, the 9-year-old boy whose body was found in a freezer. The body of then-13-year-old Stoni was also found in the freezer. 

The procedural hearing turned chaotic with Blair being escorted out at one point. The hearing was to determine if Blair and the fathers should lose parental rights. 

The issue for the judge is deciding what is in the best interest of the child. 

Court officers were carrying out an eviction March 24 at Blair's home in the Martin Luther King Apartments when the two bodies were discovered. Investigators believe, based on a confession from Blair, their bodies were in the freezer for more than a year. 

Blair was arraigned last week on murder charges, and has also been charged with first-degree child abuse. Her preliminary exam has been scheduled for June 19. 

One of the fathers Steven Berry, who was late to the hearing, declined to speak to the media.  Berry is the father to the two youngest children, including Stephen.

The other father, Alexander Dorsey, father of the two older children including Stoni Blair, did talk to the media after the hearing,

FOX 2: "Some people want to know why it has been years since you've seen your kids."

"She wouldn't let me," Dorsey said, adding that his surviving daughter doesn't talk about the situation, and doesn't talk about her mother or "none of this."

"That's not what my daughter needs," he said. "My daughter doesn't need it. We don't talk about this. She is going to school, she will grow up to be somebody - that's it."

The judge allowed both fathers to have supervised visitation with their children until a June trial date - despite Mitchelle Blair's outbursts. 

"You all were never there for Stephen and Stoni," she said, at one point. "You all are going to hop on the news and act like you were."

FOX 2's Charlie Langton reports new allegations were also filed in court this day, alleging Blair forced one child to drink window cleaner and strangled the child with a belt. It is unclear at this time which child those allegations refer to. 

Dorsey said despite the charges and allegations of abuse, he does not hate Blair.

"I can't hate her, she's the mother of my children, period, regardless," he said. "Everybody else can hate her, but I can't hate her. She is the mother of my children."

Blair's attorney wants to waive her Miranda rights, which would essentially wipe away the confession pending a psychiatric exam. Police say, in the confession, Blair was angered after discovering the two children were committing sexual assault. She alluded to the alleged sexual assaults again Wednesday in court during the outburst.