Mother of Pugh's accuser says he preyed on her son

The mother of Charles Pugh's accuser also got emotional while taking the stand Friday.

She accused Pugh of taking advantage of a vulnerable young man, coping with the death of his father.

The young man's mother cried on the stand while talking about her attempts to protect her son from the former city council president. She accused of offering her son money and gifts in exchange for sex acts as soon as he turned 18.

But before the scandal, the plaintiffs mother testifies, she noticed something else strange. Pugh looked a lot like the father of her son, who died when he was only 10.

"To me, he favored his dad," she said. "Maybe a little bit shorter. He was tall, light-complected with hazel eyes."

She said her son was very close to his dad, and the loss affected him for years.

"He would break out in tears and say he missed his dad," she testified. "He kept pictures and wrote poems. He didn't have him to talk to about girls.

"I would try to do the best I could, but there was no other strong male figure around."

The plaintiff testified earlier, saying Pugh, at first, seemed like someone he could trust.

"For him to say this was my idea, I was pretty hurt," he said.

Referring to a solo sex tape Pugh pressured him into making in return for cash. "This isn't what an adult would do," she said.

The mother also testified that Pugh deliberately went behind her back to pick up her son from school at Fredrick Douglas Academy  on the day he allegedly inappropriately touched him several times.

"Mr. Pugh had taken my son off school property," she said. "I wasn't pleased with that because I told him no. My head was all over the place. I was very upset."

The plaintiff's mother, who his pregnant, also denies another allegation by Pugh, who says she wanted money from him for an abortion. She says, she is against abortion and would never do that.

The trial resumes next week.