Mother questioned of 2-year-old with special needs found wandering

Detroit police are investigating after a young boy with special needs was found wandering alone in Detroit Monday evening. The boy's mother has been found, but we're told she's being questioned by police. 

A 2-year-old was found walking on Kentucky between Pickford and Margareta at approximately 7:15 p.m.  He was taken to the 12th Precinct by a Good Samaritan. 

The Good Samaritan who found the boy said he was filthy, and that they cleaned the boy up before driving him to the police station. 

"She brought him right here; she said he was covered in feces. She changed him and cleaned him up a little bit and brought him here," Detroit Police Lt. Joe Tucker Jr said. 

The mother came to claim the boy just before 10 p.m.. We're told she was questioned by officers, and that she was not allowed to take the boy home. We're told she may also face charges. 

If anyone has information on what happened, please contact the 12th Precinct at 313-596-1200 or 596-1240.

Editor's Note: FOX 2 is no longer showing the child's face as his mother may be facing charges.