Mother waits for justice for daughter who died from fentanyl overdose allegedly in babysitter's care

Jamie Smith has been in agony ever since the sudden death of her 8-month-old baby girl J’ream last September.

"I’m hurting every single day - you know, just going through it day in and day out," she said. "Just not having that specific answer, just about what happened to her, you know?

"Nobody is telling me anything. I just want help," she said. "That’s it. That’s all. That’s all I want."

She says she was told her baby died of a fentanyl overdose when she went to the Wayne County Medical Examiner to get an autopsy.

It is believed to have happened at a babysitter’s home in Dearborn Heights according to sources, but she doesn’t know much else.

"The police didn’t tell me what was said from the other party so it’s kind of - I’m in the dark,"  she said. "I don’t know what happened. I don’t know how long my daughter was unconscious. I don’t know the amount of fentanyl that was in her system. I don't know. By the time I got to my daughter, she was brain-dead."

Last year she showed FOX 2 a doctor’s report that revealed fentanyl in the baby’s urine. But she’s not sure how the drug got into her system.

Dearborn Heights police told FOX 2 at the time they were waiting for the official autopsy results before going after charges with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, but that was late last year.

"I was expecting somebody to be held accountable because like I keep saying had I been in that position, had I called the police, and for my unconscious child, I would be in jail the moment that they got there and had to perform CPR on her," Smith said. "I would be in handcuffs in a holding cell until they figured out what happened. That was not the case."

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On Wednesday the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office told us they are checking into the case to see if there are any updates.

For Jamie, there's no telling when she will be able to find some peace.

"I’ve given them months on months. It’s almost been a year," she said. "September’s coming up quickly. It’s almost been a year. Nothing has been done like I haven’t received anything. An answer, a 'I’m sorry,' nothing. I haven’t received anything. I just want answers."

Jamie Smith. Inset: Baby J'ream.

Jamie Smith. Inset: Baby J'ream.