Mother wants justice for son killed in shooting at Eastpointe party

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An Eastpointe teenager was killed after two groups started arguing and shots were fired.

The victim's family is hoping for justice and for a proper burial.

"My son isn't coming home," said Quatina Williams. 

That reality is hitting Williams hard - words she that she never thought she'd say.

"It's so hard to say I've got to bury my 15-year-old son," Williams said.

Four days after losing her teenage son, De'Ijuan Williams -- known lovingly as "Dei" this mother is praying police find the person, or persons, who killed her sweet boy.
"Tell me, give me closure in my heart because my heart is gone," she said.

Eastpointe police say Saturday night at about 10:30, gunfire erupted at a house party near Wilmot and Nine Mile. It was a party De'Ijuan decided to go to with his big brother, 19-year-old Elijah Williams, who heard the gunshots.

"A boy said there's a person that looks just like you that got shot," Elijah said. "All I see is my little brother laying on the ground and them giving him CPR."

Two other teens injured, but De'Ijuan died - just two months before his 16th birthday.
"Every kid is not from the streets or gang-related," said Quatina. "This kid wanted to be a kid."

De'Ijuan is described as silly and easygoing. His family says, he loved basketball, football and video games. The teen is believed to have been an innocent bystander.

"He was never the type of person to beef with nobody," Elijah said.

Now as Eastpointe police ask for witnesses to come forward, this mother - who can't believe she must say goodbye to her young son - hopes those who stole his life, think of the lives they've taken with it.
"You've been that man and you pulled the trigger," she said. "Give me closure because he was 15. He was 15."

The family will be holding a vigil to honor De'Ijuan Williams' life at the park on Orangelawn and Crest on Saturday at 5 p.m.  If you would like to donate to the family, GO HERE for their GoFundMe page.

Donations also can be taken to Cavers Funeral Home on E. Seven Mile and Van Dyke.