Motor City Brass Band hosting fundraiser to replace stolen equipment.

The Motor City Brass Band is on its way back after many of their instruments were stolen in June. Now they're looking for the culprit and raising money to get the job done.

The band's music director has two theories about what happened the day someone stole their trailer. Theory 1: The people who stole it didn't realize what was in it and ditched it., or Theory 2: They stole it to sell it. The reality is, it's all gone. 

"I was standing on stage we were getting ready to perform," said Craig Strain, music director and conductor.

Strain said he texted the guy who was supposed to pick up the trailer. He said he didn't have it, so someone else must. 

The Motor City Brass Band realized just like that it was gone -- $46,000 worth of their musical instruments.

Everything was in the trailer that sat in the Salvation Army parking lot in Southfield where the band practices. They were waiting for the equipment to arrive. It never did.

To make their amazing sound they need Yamaha timpani's, xylaphones, orchestra bells -- all those things stolen. In the meantime they've been borrowing.

They will be hosting a fundraiser on Friday with live music at Plymouth Elks on Ann Arbor Road. Tickets are $25. 

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