Motown Museum celebrates founder Esther Gordy Edwards

Motown Museum is celebrating its Founder's Day on April 25. Esther Gordy Edwards, the sister of Berry Gordy, has been responsible for so many of the great names, great acts and bookkeeping at the museum.

Esther passed away in 2011 but her legacy lives on.

The museum celebrates her legacy on her birthday, which has become known as the museum's Founder's Day. On April 25, the museum is offering two admissions for the price of one, and kids under 12 can enter free.

Esther was known for giving guests "peeks" at Studio A, the original Motown recording studio. It soon occurred to her, after giving countless tours, that the studio had become a monument. The Museum opened in 1985, and became a historic site in Michigan in 1987.

Abdul 'Duke' Fakir of the Four Tops joined in the Founder's Day festivities.

"She was like everyone's mother," Duke says of Esther. "She had a bigger vision, just as big as Berry only it was in another way."

You can hear more from Duke in the video player above.

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