MSP asks people to stop taking victims privately to the hospital after deadly crash in Dearborn Heights

A car crash in Dearborn Heights took the life of an innocent woman. Police say the crash was with someone who was driving two shooting victims from Inkster to the hospital and that the driver had run a red light. 

Now, as Michigan State Police is working to investigate more about what happened, they have an important plea to the public - stop privately transporting victims to the hospital. 

Two people shot at a large party, which started just after midnight early Wednesday morning, at the Parkside Apartments in Inkster.

"Two Black males walked up to the party, started to fire shots into the crowd, and the crowd returned fire," said Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw. 

"We were like call 911, but, dog, we're right here; there's enough of us we can put him in the car," said Aisha Moore, who was at the party and witnessed the shooting. 

It was a decision that police aren't happy with, though, because on the way we're told the car ran a red light on Ford Road at Inkster and crashed into other cars, ejecting the driver who was pronounced dead at the scene. That investigation is being coordinated by Dearborn Heights police. The name of the victim has not been released. 

"Please do not transport victims to the hospital yourselves. Let the professionals handle that," Shaw said. "Not only do we have a shooting but we had somebody lost their life trying to help someone else."

Meanwhile, investigators say they believe they know the motive behind the shooting. 

"It sounds like this was some type of fight over a woman," Shaw said.

But Aisha, who was at the party, was more specific. "When your baby mama is choosing another male, there's a thing called pride, and it gets hurt."

The other shooting victim was taken to the hospital by EMS and underwent surgery.