MSU student ups the dating game with hilarious dating resume

A Michigan State University student is going viral all thanks to a girl who turned him down for a date.

Twenty-one-year-old Joey Adams says he asked out a girl who asked him if he had a dating resume. Of course he didn't, because who would, so, she said no. But now -- he's prepared.

He went home after that and actually made a dating resume.


The resume states a clear objective: "to find a honey with a family who enjoys sushi, adventures and good movies."

He gives a genuine appraisal of his skills from rollerblading to replying to long texts and acting like a dad in public.

It includes details like "makes great small talk with parents," "drives in style via 2009 Honda Civic,"and "has no Tinder record."

He even details how he spends his time, including academics, religious functions, Facetiming his mom and running his dog's Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Joey says he made the resume just as a joke to kind of make light of his rejection.

"If I'm ever in this situation ever again, but I'm not sure I will be, I want to be ready," he told us. You can hear more from Joey in the video player above.

And that moment came. He recently posted his resume in a Facebook group for the Michigan State University Class of 2018. A fellow student put out an ad to get a formal date for her roommate -- and Joey replied with his resume saying, 'I have been waiting for this moment!'

That's when his resume went viral.

He says he's gone on a few coffee dates since then, but nothing too serious yet. He is overwhelmed, though, by all the messages he's gotten on social media. He says he was surprised that someone even reached out to him on LinkedIn.

He hasn't gone back and given the resume to the girl that rejected him, though, and says he doesn't plan to.

"She said no the first time, and you have to be okay with that," he says.