MSU's former faculty athletic rep accused of inappropriate relationship

Last week Sue Carter resigned from Michigan State University from her chair of Michigan State University for its handling of a sex abuse scandal.

Carter is now under investigation for what one athletic council member said was an alleged inappropriate relationship with a former student 25 years ago. Carter is a longtime journalism professor at the university.

Michigan State released a statement, confirming Carter is being investigated.

"I can confirm Sue Carter is a respondent in an OIE investigation. I do not have, nor could I share, details of that investigation, including the scope. Note I cannot confirm it is any certain type of investigation, such as sexual harassment." 

Carter released her own statement:

"I am sorry for the harm she believes I caused in a consensual relationship 25 years ago when I was not her professor and we were at different universities. 

"While untoward this was a legal, mutual, very short term relationship. I am rather surprised that the office of Institutional Equity at Michigan State would launch an investigation without the courtesy of informing me and for announcing publicly prior to gathering any information beyond her allegations. 

"This is a knee jerk reaction to an accusation from a troubled woman made a quarter century later. OIE's action is beyond its jurisdiction. This is a sign of a university that is flailing and failing badly as it reacts to a crisis of its own making."