Muhammad Ali's 81-acre Michigan home for sale for unique amount

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Muhammad Ali's Michigan property is for sale for almost $2.9 million. Image: via

Muhammad Ali bought his 81-acre property in far western Michigan in 1975 - the same year he fought Joe Frazier in the Thrilla in Manila and ten years before he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. now, his widow his putting the estate up for a very unique amount.

The property is in Berrien Springs, just a few miles from Lake Michigan and about 50 miles north of Indiana. Surrounded by the St. Joseph River, the home was where he spent summers and some of his retirement before Parkinson's was more advanced.

The southwest Michigan Farm is surrounded on three sides by the river and the fourth has a gated entry, giving Ali and family privacy. Ali designed the property exactly how he wanted and had buildings customized to his needs.

That includes an elaborate gym with a boxing ring, massage room, spa tub, and a basketball court.

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There are two different climate-controlled garages, each accommodating more than five cars, RVs, and extra space.The two houses - the main house and carriage house for guests - are on either side of the pool, which includes a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, bath house, sound system and pergola. 

The main house has four bedrooms, living and family rooms and a kitchen with a large pantry - plus another three-car garage. 

The beautiful home is being listed for the very specific amount of $2,895,037. The 37 at the end of the figure represents Ali's 37 career knockouts.

Cressy & Everett Real Estate have listed the home. If that's in your budget, go for it! If you want to see more pictures - you can by clicking here.