Multi-vehicle crash involving over 30 cars at WB I-96 near Kensington

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A multiple car crash on I-96 westbound caused the freeway to close Tuesday evening in Green Oak Township.

The crash occurred near Kensington. Michigan State Police said that fortunately a few drivers suffered only minor injuries. 

State police said that low visibility, road conditions and speed were contributing factors in crash. About 30 vehicles were involved in the initial crash. Six crashes then followed as traffic backed up involving two to three more vehicles in each.

"It's rough out here, it got foggy and it was raining like it is on you all now," said Rickey Pertle, a truck driver. "They started crashing, everybody was flying. They don't slow down."

Pertle, a trucker hauling deliveries from Laredo, Texas to Lansing, was forced off the road Tuesday evening. 

"I jumped on the shoulder of the road because I already saw what was going on," he said. "They started piling up right into the back of each other."

After a freeway closure lasting more than two hours, I-96 reopened at Kensington at 9:45 p.m. In all, six people were sent to the hospital for minor injuries. 

FOX 2 photographer Joe Smith, Jr. drove through the area and shot video with his camera phone  (above).