Murder suspects on the run get arrested in Lincoln Park

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A wild morning in Lincoln Park as police arrest a murder suspects wanted by police in Detroit.

Residents who live in the 1500 block of Michigan near Fort in Lincoln Park woke up to mayhem on their street Friday morning as police swarmed the area.

"They were running, they were running into the neighbor's backyards, and I'm like what's going on," said resident Tabitha Leck. "I definitely didn't expect to see about 30 cops out with their guns drawn."

Detroit Police are leading the investigation, they were assisted by Lincoln Park police because of jurisdiction.

"Police cars were chasing this silver car down the street," said resident David Harkiewicz. "I came out to look, before you know it, police converged on the island over here. A cop came out and said we have a fugitive running around. I asked if he is armed and dangerous. He said (they) didn't know."

Right now, police will only say they arrested two men from a follow up investigation.

"The cops wouldn't tell us other than that, they just made sure we stayed in the house until they were done," said Leck. "We saw them with the dogs out here, so yeah, we definitely stayed in the house."

Leck said she saw the suspects.

"They were young, they had to be in their late teens, maybe early 20s," she said. "He didn't look that old."

It appears the arrest of the two suspects ended on a safe note. Police have not provided any further details so far, and the residents say they felt protected the entire time.