Mystery solved after man and dog found dead, elderly woman unconscious in Lake Orion home

Medical examiners have determined what happened in the suspicious death of a man and a family dog in Lake Orion this spring. An elderly woman was also found in the home unconscious and had to be rushed to the hospital. 

The discovery came on May 28 when a code enforcement officer went to the house to ask about the tall grass and weeds. Mail was also piled up outside. The code enforcement officer called 911 when he could see a person that looked dead inside the house in plain view. 

Police say the 47-year-old man was found dead, as well as a dog. His 73-year-old mother was also found unconscious on the floor near the front door. 

Police couldn't figure out what happened, though. Carbon monoxide poisoning was ruled out, and there were no visible signs of injury to either person or the dog. 

All the doors were locked and there was no sign of foul play anywhere. The two lived there together with the dog. 

The medical examiner has since determined that the man died of natural causes from a pre-existing medical condition. 

They believe he died sometime after May 22, and when his mother saw him dead she too had some sort of medical incident that left her on the floor to when police found her on May 28. Police say she has a pre-existing condition that restricts her mobility and her ability to care for herself. 

The dog also died of natural causes, with dehydration possibly a factor. 

The woman, who's been identified as Sharon Aliff, doesn't remember anything leading up to the discovery of her son, Aaron Aliff. 

She is doing well now and in an assisted living environment.