NABJ conference starts in Detroit, Dan Gilbert touts Detroiters 'grit'

Thousands of the world's top journalists have converged in Detroit for the National Association of Black Journalists.

The meetings are being held at the Renaissance Center Marriott and on Wednesday, billionaire Dan Gilbert and former NFL and Michigan linebacker Dhani Jones held a fireside chat.

"I love Detroiters. I love people in this city. I think people here have grit - it's the word to use."

"There's something about that Grit factor that's missing in America today," Jones added.

"Detroit in the Midwest is that certain grit. A certain work ethic, an ability or soul to overcomes things,"

During their talk, there was a big announcement: Afro Tech, a conference for black entrepreneurs that originated in San Francisco, is now coming to Detroit.

"This is the first year they moved it out of San Francisco to do an event here in Detroit," Olivia Guterson with Rock Ventures said.

The convention runs through Sunday and is billed as the premier venue for journalism education and career development.

It also helps to tell the story of the city's revival to the world as it returned to Detroit for the first time since 1992. It's expected to bring in $10 million in revenue for the city.