Nassar victims payout; sports betting in MI?

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Part 1: Nassar survivors

Michigan State University reaches a $500 million payout with Larry Nassar survivors.
It may sound like a lot of money but is it enough to pay for the emotional damage suffered by so many young girls? And how will impact MSU and new laws meant to keep this from happening again.

On the panel:
Kaylee Lorincz, Nassar survivor and activist
Lisa Lorincz, her mother.
Ven Johnson, attorney representing survivors in the settlement.
State Rep. Pete Lucido

Part 2: Sports betting in MI?

The US Supreme Court okays legalized sports betting. Is it time for Michigan to place a bet?

On the panel:
Attorney Kelly Nigohosian
Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns Detroit boxing legend, former world champion
Carl Martin, son of infamous U-M booster Ed Martin

Part 3 On the Road
Charlie Langton asks metro Detroiters what they think about legal sports betting.