National Eating Healthy, Candy 'holidays' fall on same day

Kale photo by Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Oh the dilemma.

Society has an opportunity to celebrate two holidays on Wednesday, but there’s just no way to truly observe both of them.

In what could only be a terrible coincidence, November 4th has been dubbed both, National Candy Day, and National Eating Healthy Day- sponsored by the American Heart Association.

See the problem?

Now the people will have to choose; candy or health food? For any who are torn (let’s face it- this is a tough call and a pressing matter), a breakdown of the pros and cons may help.

National Eating Healthy Day falls on the first Wednesday of November every year, and aims to encourage Americans to commit to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits to eating whole foods, getting exercise and living a balanced life are clear, so there’s that.

One could also argue that most Americans just celebrated Halloween, and likely consumed enough candy to observe both, Halloween and National Candy Day, over the weekend.

But then there’s the fact that candy is awesome and delicious. And furthermore, most of us probably have tons left over from the All Hallows Eve festivities, meaning supplies are fully accessible to those interested in celebrating the sweeter of the two holidays on the menu.

Whatever you choose (if you do...), here’s to you on November 4th, the most contradictory day of the year.