National Police Week, more than just a pat on the back

Two men whose tenure is separated by 23 years, share an unbreakable bond because of a common mission. 

Deputy Christopher Paraski started with the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department in 1996 and Deputy Semin Ibranovic started in January. Both are beyond proud and grateful to serve their community. 

“I want them to not be afraid to come up and talk to us, about anything,” Paraski said. 

“I always wanted to be a police officer,” Ibranovic said. “I always wanted to help out people, help the community. That’s huge to me. Especially people who need help and don’t know how to ask for it.”

Pride and humility is shared by thousands of families across the country as we mark police week. 

“It reflects all the officers who gave their lives in the line of duty,” Paraski said. “It's a tribute to them and police officers everywhere but it concentrates on those who gave their life.” 

The week is also reserved to honor the commitment and uncelebrated heroism that takes place every day. Most days, are good. 

The job allows deputies to help everyday people who may not always have help. 

“I am a crime deterrent too,” Paraski said. “Where they are, I want them to feel safe. Nothing but trust our department. Trust the reason we are there. We're not just here to bring people to jail it's to help out in any way we can. From the biggest of problems to the smallest of problems.”

For Deputy Ibranovic, his family immigrated from war torn Bosnia in the 1990’s and his parents are proud that he’s doing a job in service. 

“There was a war back home and my parents wanted to get away from that and live a better life so they came here when I was 5 1/2 for 1999. This is the greatest country in the world,” Ivranovic said. 

Technology has changed their roles, making their jobs easier but safer and more accountable.  Something that's good for everyone.  Specifically, body cams.  

“We need to be protected,” Paraski said. “We need to protect the department, we need to protect the public and these cameras do that. It tells the truth. There's no hiding it, it's right here, we're filming it I feel more secure every day with this technology.” 

“When you come to work, you want to do the right thing and it’s huge for me,” Ibranovic said. “Don’t want to mess it up because this is the greatest job in the world to do.”