Nature's air conditioning system

Those big brown and green growths sticking out of the ground? They're nature's monuments. An earthly pillar supporting the atmosphere above. They are: Trees.

And they do a lot more than just stick out of the ground. 

With the power to absorb earth's poisons, then transform it into our breathable lifeblood, trees supply humans with oxygen to breathe, shade to cool, and provide great shoulder rests for crossed arms in senior pictures. 

Understanding natures necessities, DTE energy has teamed up with ReLeaf Michigan to make sure the surplus of trees never runs out.

"The tree canopy itself cools the home," says Melinda Jones, the ReLeaf Michigan Executive Director. "Three strategically placed homes can decrease energy usage by 15%, some even say up to 50%."

Imagine a world where some of your air conditioning didn't cost money and was always on. Tree's can provide the same kind of cooling effects that air conditioners provide, but without the buzzing engines.

"You go based on the way the wind is coming from," says Melinda. "And that's why you want to have some large sized evergreens. You plant them to shield your house from the direction the wind is blowing."

Studies also show this kind of vegetation has a healing effect and even reduces violence. Yes, you read that correctly; they can reduce violence. Click here to read the initial report.

Who knew?