Over $37K raised for woman who returned bag full of cash while walking to work

One good deed deserves another. That's the saying, right? Diane Gordon did the right thing in January as she was walking to work. She found an envelope full of cash that could have changed her life and made it possible for her to see her grandkids more often. But instead of playing ‘finders keepers’, she worked to find the person who owns it. Now that good deed is coming back on her.

On Jan. 21, Diane was walking her normal 2.7 mile route to VC Fresh Marketplace on Highland Road when she stopped at the BP gas station for a snack. But before she pulled open the front door, she found something that stood out.

"I looked down on the ground and found a plastic bag with a large sum of money in it," she said. "When you turned it over there was even more money."

She said it never even crossed her mind to keep the money and immediately called police.

 White Lake police came out to investigate the envelope full which belonged to newlyweds.

"Inside the bag was also wedding cards, these were gifts from a wedding that occurred that day," said Lt. Matthew Ivory. "I think it was $14,780 worth of cash."

Diane told FOX 2 on Wednesday she could have really used that money to buy a new car to see her grandkids. But she said that wasn't the right thing do. 

"Grandkids have sporting events that she can’t drive to, jumping into the car and driving over to see them doesn’t happen," Ivory said. "It could have made my life a whole lot easier. But it’s okay, it didn’t belong to me."

After her kind gesture and word got around the White Lake Police Department, a GoFundMe was set up with an initial goal of $10,000. After our story aired on Wednesday, that amount was passed very quickly and, so far, has raised more than $37,000 for a new car for Diane.

See? One good deed deserves another.

FOX 2 will continue following Diane's inspirational story.