Nearly 30,000 runners take part in the 41st annual Free Press marathon

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Nearly 30-thousand runners hit the streets of downtown Detroit Sunday to run in the 2018 Detroit Free Press Chemical Bank Marathon.

Members of the Fox 2 Family excited to be taking part, explaining what motivated them to lace up their shoes for this year's marathon.

“I just started talking about it at work and we picked up a few others, Taryn’s always been a runner I think,” Amy Andrews with Fox 2 said. 

“Yeah I had a bit of a health scare last year and I wanted to be able to do it all this year, so I’ve been signing up for things, I’m only doing the half marathon, and they’re doing the full,” Taryn Asher with Fox 2 said. 

An International race, many runners ran the course through downtown Detroit and Windsor, crossing the border at the Ambassador Bridge and Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. This Allowed participants to help raise funds for charities. 

“We have a lot of runners out here who are sponsored from organizations like MS and other charities we raise about $2 million a year which is a great opportunity for these groups to generate some revenue and participate in such a great event,” Tim Gruber with the Detroit Free Press said. 

As participants cross the finish line Fox 2 caught up with Anthony Robinson who says he wants his participation to motivate others.

“Sense of accomplishment when I cross the finish line I feel like I can motivate someone to do something,” Anthony Robinson said, with the Achilles freedom team for wounded veterans. 

The Freep marathon is not just about running but it was also about love and marriage.

One couple stopped halfway through their nearly 30-mile race to say "I do."

Fox 2: Why get married at a marathon? 

“Because we challenge each other to do better in every single way,”

The couple knows all about challenges, Whitney was told she would never walk again after an auto accident and Steven faced challenges with his weight which he now keeps under control through running. 

At this year's Marathon, they're celebrating how they overcame those obstacles and their commitment to one another.