Nearly 50 cats removed from hoarder in Plymouth mobile home

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An elderly man living in filth with dozens of cats inside his Plymouth mobile home.

The trailer used to sit on Jackson Street, but it has since been removed and demolished.

Neighbors say it was very difficult living so close to horrible conditions

For years Will McDonald says he knew something wasn't quite right at his neighbor's home.

"In the summer time we couldn't even open the windows on that side of the house because the smell so bad," said McDonald. "You could see 10 to 20 cats laying around in the yard every day. That was bad."

In fact he said things got so bad he was concerned about letting his kids go outside to play.

"I walked around yard cleaning up cat crap all the time because they were running around all through the neighborhood," he said. "I had to clean up every time kids go out to play, I had to cleanup yard first."

Other residents had complained about their neighbor hoarding what many have described as dozens of cats inside a trailer in this quiet mobile home community.

But nothing was done about the hoarding situation until new property managers arrived and requested the Humane Society of Huron Valley to rescue the cats

Once inside the mobile home, officials could see first-hand what residents had been complaining about for quite some time.

"They even had to wear HAZMAT suits it was so bad," said John Zaporski. "They had to wear HAZMAT suits just to go inside the house."

Nearly 50 cats were rescued, but many were very sick. The remains of other cats were discovered in plastic containers and a hot tub was full of feces.

"I feel sorry for the man because that is a mental illness," Zaporski said.

Neighbors say they feel bad for their former neighbor but they also admit they're relieved.

"It's not good for the neighborhood, it's not good for children to live in an environment that you had these cats that can spread illness," Zaporski said.

Officials say they are in need of loving homes for these cats. If you would like to learn more about the adoption process CLICK HERE.