Neighbor calls out porch thief in Detroit as mail thefts grow

That feeling of anticipation as you wait for something in the mail - something you've spent your hard earned money to buy - can all be taken away in a few seconds by a bold thief. That happened to one Detroiter - even as their neighbor tried to stop it.

Jerry Peoples watched a man walked up to his neighbor's porch on East Outer Drive and knew that guy didn't know the person who lived there. 

"I knew that was theft going on right there because I know everyone who goes in and out of that home and I did not recognize him," Peoples said. "So I yelled to him, that's not your package what are you doing?"

The man fired back and said he was picking it up for his sister. Then the guy jumped into a waiting car and left. Peoples tried to catch up.

"I was getting in my car to get the license plate and they sped off," he said.

Peoples said he's surprised that it happened on his block but law enforcment is not. They say it's a growing problem across Michigan and lawmakers are trying to curb it.

On Thursday, the state senate voted to send two bills to the house that would make the theft of mail and packages a state crime. 

Jerry says he's never had any packages removed from his porch but has previously posted instructions for anyone delivering a package. He intends to put it back out again, for safety reasons.

"We want to ensure that package is put in safe place," Peoples said.