Neighbor of man accused of beating, shooting wife: I think he lost his mind

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One neighbor said she still can't believe Rradu Muntean is now in custody facing charges for stabbing his wife in the face and shooting her in both legs.

"I think he lost his mind or something," said neighbor Shelly Schroeder.

Police said the husband allegedly planned on killing his wife and dumping her body in an open field near the Coleman Young Airport on Detroit's east side.

Muntean’s wife was discovered when an undercover Grosse Pointe officer saw a 2007 Chevy Silverado parked in the middle of a field. In the truck was Muntean, who told the officer he had run out of gas.

Muntean produced a fake badge, saying he was a fugitive apprehension officer. The officer did not believe him when he looked into the vehicle, he saw Muntean's wife beaten and shot in each leg.

"I've never seen nothing," Schroeder said. "I mean, I knew they split up, but that's just because he wasn't here anymore. But no, never a fight, nothing to ever suspect anything like this was going to happen."

Other neighbors who didn't want to speak on camera echoed that same response, saying that Muntean and his wife never got into a fight, and that they had a house in Hazel Park for more than 10 years.

One source told FOX 2 they were headed to Chicago for couple's counseling.

"He told me she's a great, great mom, and I just can't believe it," Schroeder said.

That same source said their 2-year-old daughter was at daycare. The dad dropped her off two days prior and asked that the daycare to watch his child for three days.

"I just never would imagine anything like this happening," Schroeder said. "They were separated but I thought maybe working things out. ... I never thought something like this would happen."

The wife is being treated at a local hospital after being cut up in the face and shot in both legs. FOX 2's Josh Landon spoke to the prosecutor's office and a warrant is still under review.