New alleged Fouts recording mocks Rick Santorum's disabled child

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Another day, another leaked audio clip alleged to be of Warren Mayor Jim Fouts.

This one was aimed at the disabled child of former presidential candidate Rick Santorum. 

The voice on the record from 2015 said: "Remember he had that mongoloid baby he's bragging about that; pro-life people love that - pro-life people say 'Isn't that nice.'

"He could have you know, had her aborted and he kept her. She has her tongue hanging out on the side and all kinds of (expletive)."

Altogether there have been four audio recordings over the last two years - and Steve Neavling from MotorCityMuckraker said there is a lot more to come.

"There is no doubt in my mind that these recordings are authentic," he said. "There are some that are videos. We hear the audio and some of that was extracted from the actual video. I have seen those videos."

Last week Neavling released a recording allegedly of Fouts talking about 16-year-old girls available for sex in Amsterdam. He denied that it was him.

"This source is getting a little bit braver saying maybe they will find out who I am, but I have to let voters know who this guy is, before people go to the polls in November," Neavling.

Neavling said there are plenty more recordings. There is no timetable as to when more recordings will be released.