New Auto Show layout promises to make vehicles more accessible than ever

Over the past two days we’ve noticed a shift from having vehicles on display to getting customers inside vehicles for a more memorable experience.  And according to the people FOX 2 spoke with, so far - so good.

The 2023 Detroit Auto Show is sprawling and crawling around the entire showroom floor inside Huntington Place. Thursday was Industry Day at the show, allowing those who work in the industry as well as suppliers, to see the latest and greatest the automakers have to offer.

"I had no idea what to expect but this is so amazing," said one person.

The event is always for getting ideas of what is shaping the industry as a whole, but clearly the driving force of this show is previewing what is to come.

"Being able to touch it and feel it will be very exciting for the public as they get presentations from dealers and things of that nature," said Michael Davis, auto show attendee.

"It’s the first time I’ve seen it with the extensive driving and testing that they have," said another attendee.

From the electric track to the off-road installations, those we spoke with say, this is the most hands-on auto show they’ve ever experienced.


Automakers preview vehicles, technology ahead of Detroit Auto Show

The displays are up and the vehicles are ready to roll at this year's North American International Auto Show at Huntington Place in Detroit.

"It’s a great engagement to be allowed to touch and see and feel to help us go on the transition with the industry," said Dayna Davis.

The people behind the auto show can consider this industry day a test run. Are people going to be excited and willing to try out this new approach to the Detroit Auto Show? Time will tell.