New Detroit Axe site ransacked of thousands of dollars worth of tools, appliances

A new site planned to hold the second Detroit Axe venue was robbed of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and appliances Wednesday night.

Surveillance footage from across the site spies a black pickup truck drive onto the site. A short while later, it leaves with a white trailer attached.

"His trailer holder had all of his equipment for the inside work and his tools, a lot of tools," said Dave Schatzberg, referring to his son-in-law. "All of his tools were taken, he probably took ($7,000) worth of his tools - it shuts him right down."

Schatzberg is a head supervisor for Venator Contracting Group, LLC - the company contracted to help build Detroit Axe. 

Schatzberg said it wasn't just tools and equipment that was taken, however. Much of what was going to go into the bar was also stolen.

"They took all kinds of restaurant equipment, upright freezers, freezers and refrigerators, icemakers and ice bins," he said.

Also, three double door beer coolers, a grill top, and a deep fryer from a taco truck inside.

"They took a lot of equipment. These guys had to have been here for a couple of hours. This stuff isn't small equipment, some of this stuff probably weighs 600 pounds or more," said Schatzberg.

Not everything was small enough to be stolen, however. The footage also shows one of the thieves walk across the lot and inspect an excavator that was onsite. 

Later on, sparks can be seen flying as the thieves entered the business.

"This is the first time we've had any incident of anything. I had a little trepidation about being down here when I first came down here, but it's been good. People in Corktown, this is a great area and its a shame to see this happen here," said Schatzberg.

Detroit Axe is one of the region's axe-throwing bars - a popular business model that incorporates axe-throwing into the fun of a night out. The first site was built in Ferndale. The Detroit location was scheduled to open in Corktown later this year. 

"This is beyond any experience I've ever had and I don't want a repeat of it, but I sure would like to see these guys caught," said Schatzberg.

And you can help him. If anyone knows anything, they're asked to call Detroit Police. 

Producer note: According to a family member, the stolen trailer and tools are valued at $13,000 and the value of everything stolen is estimated at $150,000.