New Detroit-based Global Trade Task Force already reaping benefits one week into service

It's been a profitable first week for the Global Trade Task Force.

Now up and running in Detroit, the newly formed agency is charged with preventing contraband making its way through the largest port of entry on the northern border. So far, they've seized more than $1 million in contrand.

"China is one of the source countries that it is coming through," said Denise Foster, of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

From rolex watches to drugs and even counterfit tennis shoes, 20 agents from several different law enforcement agencies have discovered a wealth of materials before they cleared customs. One of the biggest catch's they've made is in the opioid department.

"The amount of suspected fentanyl revealed this week alone had the potential to kill nearly 85,000 people," said Christopher Perry, of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The success of this discovery has served as one of the purposes of the new taskforce. 

"We're concerned that not only is this stuff unsafe and potentially hazardous to your health in its ownright, but also it could be adulterated and mixed with other chemicals like Fentynal," said Jared Murphy of Homeland Security Investigations.

Despite the bounty of illegality contained in the foreign mail, Perry noted that the amount discovered came as no surprise to the agency.