New drug may combat cellulite, local doctor looking for volunteers

A new drug is being tested here in the metro area that has potential to permanently smooth cellulite. Early reviews say it works -- and a local dermatologist is looking for participants to test it for free. 

"(It's an) FDA sponsored approved drug. They're testing the doses to see the least dose that's needed to get the job done," said Dr. Steven Grekin of the Grekin Skin Institute.

It's called a blind study, so Dr. Grekin isn't told the name of the drug, but he's excited about testing it out on women to figure out the right dose needed to get rid of cellulite. (Which, by the way, most of us have.)

"Eighty-five to 90 percent of all women will get cellulite," he says. 

So what causes the tiny bumps and dimples? 

"There's something called the septum; and this is the fibrous material that's there that holds in the fat. The septum makes a very tight band and the fat poke through," he says.

The drug, which is already FDA approved for other treatments, is an injection that gets rid of that connective tissue. 

"It's amazing how it dissolves those fibrous bands and smooths the skin," Dr. Grekin said.

After this study, the necessary dosing should be clear and eventually there will be a new cellulite treatment on the market. Will the results last forever? 

"It appears to be permanent except whatever's causing it. And we believe that it has to do with estrogen, could make more of it in the future, but this nice thing is that if you deal with the bulk of it, and you just poke in a few little spots, you probably could touch it up very easily," he said.

So now Dr. Grekin is looking for about 50 people to test out this drug. To qualify, you have to be an adult woman with cellulite on both sides of your buttocks -- and you have to be willing to take pictures.

You'll get injections four times over the course of four months. 

The first step to qualify is to call (586) 759-5525.