New evidence leads to arrest for fatal 2016 Armada hit and run

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A young man was found dead on the side of the road in Armada back in 2016.

Now almost two years later there has been an arrest in the death of 21-year-old Jacob Brand. His family is still asking the question; why didn't the driver stop.

"He loved his friends," said William Brand, his father. "Everybody and anybody that was around Jake, says that was a phenomenal, happy go lucky person.

"I haven't even begun (to grieve) because I've been searching for those answers."

Now with the arrest of 22-year-old suspect Joshua Rickell, Brand says the hunt is over.

"Almost two years goes by and this guy is just going on about life," William Brand said.

The Macomb County prosecutor says they now have enough evidence to charge Rickell in connection with the hit and run death of Jacob back in April of 2016.
"The thought of my son sitting in the ditch from 2 a.m. that morning until 11 the next day, treating him like a piece of trash," William said.
Michigan State Police would not say what new evidence has come to light two years after the crash.  But here's what William has been able to piece together of his son's death.  

That night Jacob and a couple car loads of his friends went out for drinks.

"Mutual friends they all went to school together and they all went to the same place," William said. "They all went to the same tavern."

When they left the bar, Jacob got out his car onto Bordman Road.

"From what I understand he wanted out, he got out, there was a small altercation, his buddy took off," William said. "Meanwhile, one of the other friends came through later on and probably hit him."

The father says Rickell, a friend of Jacob, came along striking Jacob and took off.

April 29th will mark two years since Jacob got out that car only to be struck and killed by a passing vehicle. And his father says all that time of wondering what happened to his son, has taken its toll. 

"You make me wonder and torture me and my family for almost two years," he said. "It is not even explainable.

"I feel like a ton of bricks just lifted off my shoulder. I have been in hospital with anxiety and trying to work."

Rickell was arraigned on one count of failing to stop at the scene of an accident resulting in death when at fault.
He is due back in court later this month and Jacob's father plans on being at every court appearance here on out.

"I want to see his reaction," William said. "I want to see the look on his face. I want to hear the story from his mouth what happened."