'Landmark moment': New Holland releasing Dragon's Milk Origin bourbon whiskey after 5+ years of aging

(Photo: New Holland)

New Holland Brewing Co.'s latest release is one to celebrate – a bourbon whiskey that has been aging for five years is ready.

Dragon's Milk Origin was brewed in small batches in a still from 1934. That still is full of history, as it was the seventh still commissioned in New Jersey after prohibition and was built to compete against Laird & Company. 

(Photo: Amber Ainsworth/FOX 2)

The straight bourbon whiskey that was aged in charred American white oak barrels will be available year-round beginning Saturday. It's the first bourbon release from New Holland that will be available all year after being aged for at least five years.

"Origin is one of the most exciting projects we’ve taken on at New Holland," said Adam Dickerson, the brand manager at New Holland. "We’ve been sampling this product patiently for five long years and are continually impressed by its complexity of flavor, and delicate finish. As Michigan’s oldest whiskey distiller, we are immensely proud to be able to offer this bourbon to our customers. We feel that it is a landmark moment for us as a distillery." 

(Photo: Amber Ainsworth/FOX 2)

The 95 proof bourbon is an easy drinker that has the flavor of vanilla wafers, with hints of fruit.

What started as a popular bourbon barrel-aged stout, Dragon's Milk, has resulted in numerous beers and spirits, and that footprint continues to grow.

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Dragon's Milk Origin isn't aged in beer barrels like other releases from New Holland. However, the bourbon and other spirits are unique since they come from a brewery and are made with materials typically used to brew beer.

"Origin’s high-barley mash bill and 5 year maturation in char 3 oak barrels offers the drinker a one-of-a-kind experience" Dickerson said. "We are particularly enthusiastic about Origin’s four signature tasting notes of stone fruit (namely pear and apricot), citrus, baked pastries, and vanilla wafer. The marriage of these flavors with the myriad of additional sub-flavors forms a truly memorable bourbon and presents you with new tasting notes to uncover each time you revisit." 

If you're looking for beer barrel spirits, New Holland has its Beer Barrel Bourbon and Beer Barrel Rye that are finished in Dragon's Milk barrels, as well as a Baked Apple Pie bourbon and a Sweet Heat bourbon that are finished in oak beer barrels.

New Holland also makes vodka, gin, and rum.