New K9 officer Eros joins Beaumont Royal Oak security team

The newest member of Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital’s security team doesn't wear a badge, but this German Shepherd can sniff out a problem right away - meet 20-month-old Eros.

"Eros is trained in explosive detection obedience and aggression," said his handler and partner, Officer Angelo Gritsas. "He started the K9 academy on December 13th, (and) for 12 weeks it was Monday through Friday 9 to 5."

"During that time we did a lot of running and walking, I lost 25 pounds during that time."

All that training is put to good use on the hospital property Angelo and Eros drive around on patrol outside and walk together inside.

"We visit with patients, visitors, the staff at times," he said. "We do go up to patients, they want to pet the dog."

On Thursday in a demonstration, Angelo hid some material on the hospital’s campus to show how quickly Eros can respond to potential danger.

"Find it, find it," he said - as Eros went to work.

Eros is trained - and determined - to find any potential danger whether it is seen or unseen.

"Find it," Angelo said. "Good check.

"What do you got buddy? Good job buddy."

And that earns this K-9 a treat.

All across the country many hospital workers have seen a rise in attacks many believe because of the Covid pandemic and they say more security is welcomed.

"We’re trying to be proactive rather than reactive at this time," Angelo said.

Eros is ready for any assignment that comes his way whether it’s sniffing out trouble or bringing joy to anyone he meets. Angelo thinks his name says it all.

"It comes from Greek mythology - Greek 'out of love' so he loves what he does, the patients, the visitors, the staff," he said.