New law targeting package thieves goes into effect in Michigan

A new law targeting porch package thieves in Michigan has gone into effect just in time for the holidays.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Senate bills 23 and 24 into law in September, and they went into effect on Monday, December 16. 

It means those who steal packages now face up to $500 in fines and a year and jail if caught and convicted. Repeat offenders could see up to $1,000 in court costs and up to five years of jail time. 

"You're talking about millions of packages being delivered a day and the fed just didn't have the resources," says Sen. Pete Lucido, who sponsored the bill.  "If you did it the first time you learn not to do it again, but if you do it a second time shame on you."

A recent study shows that one out of every five people either had something stolen off their front porch or knew someone who did.

The new state law is hoping to make thieves think twice.