New Lincoln Park playscape vandalized with symbols of hate

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A new playscape built for fun and enjoyment was vandalized with sexual images and symbols of hate.

"It's a shame because when they see it, they wonder why and ask questions and then I have to explain to them," said Nancy, a concerned grandmother. 

The city of Lincoln Park Facebook page shared the images from the playscape located at Quandt Park, hoping someone will be compelled to speak out about this crime and lead police to the guilty party.  

Swastikas, genitalia and offensive messages covered the playscape in spray paint. 

On the city's Facebook page the message said: "We need the public's help on this! This is our BRAND NEW playground equipment at Quandt Park! It was just installed last week!!! This is what we found this morning!! If you saw anyone or have ANY INFORMATION on who did this, please contact the Lincoln Park Police Department at 313-381-1800. THIS HAS TO STOP!! These vandals are destroying our children's parks. Someone needs to speak up!!"

If you know anything about the vandalism, Lincoln Park police wants to hear from you.