New Michigan law allows you to leave car running unattended

You can now leave your car running in your own driveway thanks to a new Michigan law.

The governor signed Wednesday a bill that rescinds part of the law allowing police to ticket those who leave their car idling on private property and roadways.

Essentially, police could write you a ticket for leaving your car running with keys in the ignition. Drivers are required to stop the engine and remove the key before leaving a vehicle unattended.

Michigan House votes to let you leave car running unattended

The bill passed Wednesday cancels out the part of the law allowing police to ticket you for that on private property, but it still stands for public streets.

This Michigan law became a hot topic around the country earlier this year after a Roseville man was issued a $128 ticket for leaving his car running in the driveway on a cold January morning.

Nick Taylor had run back into his house to get his 3-year-old daughter and came out to find a ticket waiting for him.

Roseville man posts ticket he received for warming car in own driveway

Police said the law is there to prevent vehicles from being stolen, but Nick Taylor's attorney says the law does not apply to a person's driveway and the officer didn't protect anyone.

Taylor appealed the ticket, but it was upheld by a Michigan judge. His attorney tells us they will likely appeal.

Roseville man loses in court over ticket for warming car in driveway

Someone anonymously paid his ticket and donors have given Taylor a remote starter for his car.